Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 Results SYTYC

Week 2 of SYTYC finished up. And once again I narrowly escaped elimination. I'm not doing too well in this thing. Hopefully next weeks voting will go better. Voting for week three starts tomorrow morning.

Here is my post from the SYTYC website:

I Spy Chalk Board Playmat

Kids Can Do! So my project isn't a craft that small kids can make but it is a fun project that gives them something to 'do' and will keep them very busy. This project would be very appropriate for older kids (or anyone) learning to sew. It is also a project that can show off some of your favorite designer fabrics (for all you fabric-holics out there!)

I have lots of fun fabrics in bright colors and love looking at all the interesting things going on in them. Lately, I've seen a lot of people creating "I Spy" quilts for their kids and decided to work off that idea. I have enjoyed recently coming up with fun uses for chalk board oil cloth. It is super easy to sew with, write on and to clean off.

I hope you enjoyed the project I came up with! Thanks for checking it out!

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Kelly said...

I think it's awesome and I voted for you!