Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fabric Diet

I'm not usually one for New Year's Resolutions but this is something I was considering doing anyway:

Fabric Diet Challenge

I'm joining Angela on her fabric diet challenge who blogs at Cut to Pieces.

The goal of Angela's project is to not buy any fabric for 8 weeks starting yesterday. Obviously this challenge is on the honor system. But every week you don't buy fabric you check in on her blog and receive one entry into a drawing at the end of 8 weeks for of course what else... fabric.

This is something I was going to do for myself anyway. I have an insane amount of not only fabric but craft supplies in general. I am going to go the full 8 week with no fabric purchases of any kind and I'm going to go as long as possible (hopefully 3 months maybe more!) with only buying kona solids as needed for specific projects to get finished. I also want to start a stash buster series (fabric and other misc. craft supply goodies) on my blog where I will make projects just using what I have and not buying any items to finish them up.

My goal is to use this week to finish up any projects I am behind on and clean my craft room from top to bottom so I know what I've got to work with. Next week I'll start some stash busting!

What will I do with all this money I'm saving by not purchasing fabric & craft supplies?? Well hopefully buy a new sewing machine - ha! I've got my eye on the Baby Lock Symphony.


I like to look at this picture and drool regularly. A flickr friend got it for Christmas, Kelly aka kelbysews


AllieKatMom said...

Great choice! We are bringing Babylocks to flicker one person at a time!

Kelly said...

I'm on the diet too girl! BTW, I free motion quilted for the first time last night with my new machine---WOAH! So so so so so much easier! I never realized how much muscle it took to move a quilt around my Brother until I tried the Babylock. It glides beautifully! Ok, enough gushing. I can't wait to see your stash buster projects!

Lisa said...

ahhh i want it right now!!! i have a terrible time free motion quilting on my machine... so much so i barely do it and i want to be able to do it. good to know it isn't just me :)