Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Monday!!

I love Mondays!!! For me it is the same day a majority of you know has "Saturday". But since the rest of the world is working right now it is always nice and quiet during the day and I can just do my own thing which is amazing!! I spent the early afternoon misbehaving. I had a little bit of an accidental fabric purchase. Fabric diet = broken. Yep that's right my face is covered in "chocolate" right now. But the important this is that I am happy. And I have good reasons too...

There is this great quilt shop in Chicago called Quiltology. I actually used to live 3 blocks from their old location. I've NEVER been! NEVER! Why you ask would I not make it a priority to visit a quilt shop I could walk to in a few minutes. Because their work schedule was the same as mine. Closed Monday and Tuesday and Noon-5 the rest of the week. I never even managed to make it in for a few moments right before work. Well I noticed the other week that they moved to new location. Earlier today I was browsing the internet in my pjs and I decided to check out their website to see where their new location was and was greeted with these words: "NEW SHOP HOURS." They are open on Mondays!! So I ran to my room threw on some cloths and was out the door. Seriously it was a little weird but it is all true.

A large portion of their selection is Kaffee Fassett and Amy Butler which for me both of them are hit or miss... and usually a miss. It has taken me a while to admit that I don't like Amy Butler because everyone seems to love her. I have a few of her prints and like them but if I had to put her on a like/dislike list... she would fall in the dislike column just to play it safe.

Sorry back to the point of this post my Quiltology story... they have lots of stuff I loved too! Including Kumari Garden which I have had my eye on. Since it would have been incredibly rude of me to stare at all the fabric for 20 minutes and I'd probably already made the shop woman uncomfortable by petting it (just a litle) well I just had to buy something. This is what I came home with:

The top two I needed well because I've never seen those particular dots before it is Woodstock by Isadora Phoenix (1yd) and the AMH Good Folks (1/2yd) I didn't have and it is going to be all gone soon! The middle is the Kumari Garden (all 1/2yd) and the bottom is Jenean Morrison Wild World (both FQ) which I just really liked in person. See all good reasons for fabric purchases.

So as long as I was out and about and misbehaving and had a freshly deposited pay check... naturally a visit to JoAnn's was in order. I actually was planning on buying the 3.5 square die for my Accuquilt (it was 25% off and no mom it wasn't one of the ones my b-day list) so I can make this quarters 3x6 bee blocks because you know a rotary cutter would just be too much work for me.

I also left with the new copy of Stitch. And because I love grommets (yes I love them) when I saw these new snap together plastic grommets in fun colors on a shelf I knew I had to buy some and find something to do with them. So I get home and open Stitch (no I didn't even look at a single page in the store) and what do you know the grommets are featured in the "new + cool" section.

That must mean I'm cool. So since I've been so bad today I'm going to spend the rest of the day cleaning and organizing all my precious fabric (trust me it is a disaster right now) I will return to flickr tomorrow (or possibly late tonight) with pics of things to swap... it is time to destash!

Oh right... GO VOTE... SYTYC... preferably for me!


Kelly said...

Nice to know there are other "chocoholics" out there! Great fabric choices!

Vickie said...

Really fun post, Lisa!! :) If you were gonna fall off the wagon, you did it with some gorgeous fabrics!! Can't wait to see what becomes of those grommts. Hugs!

Sarah said...

Oh I've been humming and haaing over buying an accuquilt.. this makes me want it more!

Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

I also love grommets!!! I have a tutorial using those exact grommets!!