Thursday, January 13, 2011

This always happens to me...

I'm sewing along... sewing along... coming close to finishing a project... and then I screw up the last seam I need to sew.

The piece all the way on the left... belongs all the way on the right incase you can't tell. How I managed to screw this up I don't know. I just needed to sew that last little piece and of course I was already pushing it for the time I needed to leave for work. So ripping awaits me tomorrow.

This is a quilting bee block I'm working on for Cindy in The Hive she is making an "I Spy" quilt for a child. Hopefully I will get it right tomorrow.

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...julia... said...

Believe it or not! This ALWAYS happens to me too.... It's almost like I get so excited to finish that I forget everything else, especially what I was doing, and then I screw up. UGH! So frustrating!