Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crafty Temptations

Joann's must have heard that I was going to be saying no to craft supplies for a while. So they print my name in the weekly sales ad in an effort to call me in:

It's not going to work Joann's... unless you discount rulers and templates by 50% and then maybe we'll talk... half off pillow forms and batting might make me come running too.

And then of all times to find a new online fabric store... well new to me anyway. Wish someone would have told me sooner. Free shipping on orders over $25 and a big selection with kona solids too!!! I have been in no way solicited to write this... I just like a deal when I find one. But if they want to send me a bunch of free fabrics I will talk about them forever and ever.... Marmalade Fabrics

I also learned of a brand new start up online fabric store and the exciting thing about them is that their minimum cut is 1/4 yard. It is probably rare that I would order a cut that small but for certain fabrics it is nice to have the option. They can send me free fabric too if they want me to talk about them forever and ever... Monna Fabrics

Anyway if you haven't checked in for the first week of the fabric diet make sure you do! Fabric Diet Check-in: Week One

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Kelly said...

My JoAnn's has batting 50% off this week, I had to stock up! :)