Monday, March 8, 2010

Quilting: Quilting Bees


I joined an online quilting bee! We are in our first month. My group is called Sew2Speak. How it works: 12 members participate and are each responsible for one month of the calendar year. For your assigned month it is your job to plan a quilt block and mail fabric to the 11 other participants with instructions for what you want. They are supposed to finish their assigned one or two blocks and return them to you during the same month. When you have all the blocks back you should be well on your way to a finished quilt top!

I received my first package of fabric yesterday all the way from California. I am supposed to use the fabric pictured above to create two Wonky Log Cabin blocks. Hopefully I will be able to tackle them on Monday or Tuesday... if not it will have to wait until the following Monday or Tuesday.

My month isn’t until December, so I have lots of time to plan and then hurry up and wait until the last minute to get mine sent out. I originally thought I wanted to wait a few months to see how it all worked since I am pretty new to quilting, but now I wish it was my turn sooner.

So I decided the solution to that problem would be to join a second quilting bee. They are still looking for two members, so months and details haven’t been ironed out yet. I am going to try for June I think. The second group is called The Stitchin' Bee.

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