Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Metalsmiting: Bezel Project


We learned to bezel and set stones in class last week and I finished mine this week. I didn’t make the chain, but I did the rest! The stone above is glass and the bezel is sterling silver.

I am going to go and bezel everything in sight now. I really enjoyed doing it. I actually have two other things I am in the process of bezel setting right now. Hopefully I will be able to finish them up in class next week and post them.

Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. I took them on my iphone in some dim lighting. Yes, while I was at work. I am shocked a customer didn’t call me out on it, they love to point out when I am “not working” at work. They usually say things like, “does the boss know you are working so hard.” They also love to read whatever is on my computer screen over my shoulder. Such delightful people that walk through our doors. Shortly I’ll be able to grab a drink and forgot about these delightful people. Yes, while I’m at work.

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