Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quilting: Colorful Log Cabin


I started a quilt this weekend (well my weekend - Monday/Tuesday). The fabric was purchased online at Hawthorne Threads my new favorite website. I got all of the fabric for the top cut and I sewed all the center pieces together. I finished one block just to see how it would look. It will consist of 81 blocks - 10 inch each. The top will have the flower fabric run the width. It will be a queen size quilt for my bed.

I have not selected the color of the thread I am going to quilt with, I will have to experiment. I am thinking I might even go for a dark thread color to match the very deep purple color of the shadows in the flowers. I think the binding will end up being magenta to match the centers of the flowers and blocks. I also haven’t decided on the fabric for the back, but I think I might order the light blue background/darker blue polka dot fabric that matches the top half of the flower border fabric in hopes that that fabric won’t look so random at the top.

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