Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Folksy Flannel


(colors are not representations of the actual colors to be used in the quilt)

By the time I finish this post it will be about 9:30am Chicago time. I plan to spend the entire day working on my Folksy Flannel quilt. There is going to be a lot of cutting and sewing and possibly (no probably) swearing as I have quite a intricate plan laid out for myself. Hopefully it comes out of my head like I want it too.


Just thought I'd share a picture of how much the flannel does shrink up. Both are 1 yard cuts of fabric. 

I am normally not a pre-washer but I read somewhere that flannel shrinks a lot. The top is pre-washed (I swear the other two sides line up perfectly) and the bottom is brand new. Selvage to selvage a fresh off the bolt piece is 44" and washed it is just shy of 41.5". 

So for any of you thinking of making a beautiful quilt... you might want to pre-wash. The designs aren't as crisp when you wash because the flannel gets so fuzzy but the good news is that it is still as soft as can be. 

Ok no more internet for me... it is quiltin' time. Or well I guess cuttin' and sewin' time... quilting will come later... whatever! 


Kelly said...

sew! sew! sew! I can't wait to see it!

Sarah said...

Yes... flannel.. bloody flannel. I am making a almost twin sized flannel quilt top.. I prewashed mine.

ALSO awesome tip. Starching you flannel as you go along! Makes it super easy to work with.

Vickie said...

Oh I love this! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Lisa said...

Thanks Sarah for the starching. I have noticed that this flannel is quite stretchy making it hard to line things up. I made some great progress last week but decided I don't like one of the fabrics so I've put it on hold while my brain works out how to alter my plan and then I can proceed.