Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Modern Swappers

This week I sent and received for the Modern Swappers group I joined on Flickr. I was the very first round for this group. For Modern Swappers you receive a "secret" partner, which pretty much means I send to one person but they don't send to me they are sending to someone else and no on knows who is sending to them until their package arrives in the mail. You are supposed to swap a handmade gift, a decoration or notion, and 1.5 yards of modern quilting 100% cotton fabric.

I was pretty excited that I "knew" my partner through a different bee. Plus I was already familiar with her photostream and her blog so it made my job of stalking a bit easier. Kelly, or as the flickr world knows her kelby30 and I are in The Stitchin' Bee together. Back in April I made this block for her family beach blanket:

This is the progress of the family beach blanket and all of the blocks the group contributed:

Auditioning sashing colors

So for Kelly's Modern Swappers gift I made a beach tote to carry the family beach blanket in. I was able to fit a full/queen low loft quilt folded and rolled into this bag so hopefully it will be big enough.

Here is the rest of the swap:

I received a fantastic swap in return from Melissa (flickr name melissa.leray). She did such a great job of picking out things for me. I loved all the fabrics and the sewing machine cover matches my sewing room perfectly. I didn't have a single thing she sent, not even a pin cushion!

But all of that isn't even the best part. She had the copy of Weekend Sewing she bought for me personally autographed by Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt, Liesl Gibson and Ashley of Film in the Fridge.

I was planning on sitting out for round two because I have gotten myself involved in one to many things, but I enjoyed it so much I decided to jump right back in! Can't wait!!

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Kelly said...

Bestest of the best swap partners EVER!!!! I hung the bag over my sewing chair because it's motivated me to work on my Bee quilt next! Thanks again for putting together such a perfect swap package!!!!!!!