Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Metalsmithing: Pin Project


I finished my pin! (Those are flowers not the bird’s feet.) I even made my own pin back. It is a good thing my camera isn’t very good with the close-ups because the pin back is a little crude. Which is fine since it is the back and I suppose my first attempt. I probably could have sanded the final piece it a bit more and maybe even polished it, but the pin back was so much work that I was kind of excited and glad to just be done with it. I did a ton of practice rivets on a scrap piece of metal and they were looking pretty good. I felt very confident to move forward and try it on my final piece. So of course I do my first rivet on my real piece and it is way too huge, oh well!

I am just excited about how cute it looks on my coat. I love the color contrast of the bright purple-pink and the copper. I think a lot my future pieces will be cut-outs that are similar with pretty fabric adhered to the back. I also have plans for pieces that are sewed to cute bags. I think I like the idea of combining basic metal pieces with fabric then sticking strictly to intricate metal works.

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