Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crocheting: Wool Eater Blanket


This is a wool eater blanket I started making a few months ago and it is probably going to take me a few more to finish it up. I want it to fit on the top of my queen size bed. It truly is a wool eater, I have come to the point where every round of color is more then a skein of yarn. The first picture is the view of what is technically the backside, which I think will be come the topside as I like the look of it a little better. The pattern is by Sarah London Textiles. It was a little confusing to get started since this is written in Australian crochet terminology. Although, I think it probably helped that I am not too familiar with American crochet terminology. This video helped me a lot: crochet wheel stitch. However, the video does not use the same number of stitches as the Sarah London pattern. I know confusing, but it will make perfect sense... eventually.

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