Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some recent sewing projects

First up is another installment of the Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee.

This is a block for Krista. She requested 14" blocks (square or rectangle as long as one side measured 14") She is a Kaffe fan and unfortunately I am not so I had a really hard time picking out fabrics.
Below is my block (left) with Krista's block (right). I love how colorful her block is.

And here is the group so far:

Next I finished some fabric post cards for swap. They were supposed to be christmas or winter themed. The snowman one has "Think Snow" embroidered on the left hand side - it went to someone in Florida. I have three partners to send to. They left in the mail today. You can join our swap here.

Finally for the 3x6 bee I signed up to make an angel block. An angel block is a block made for someone that had a partner not follow through and send them a block. I made it just like the blocks I made for the 3rd quarter. She picked the colors: purple, red, gray. I picked the fabric and block style. I love how this one turned out. You can sign up for the first quarter beginning in January here.

So much sewing to do so little time. I still need to finish up my 3x6 blocks for the 4th quarter due December 15. Also due that day is my pillow cover for the Pillow Talk Swap and my swap package for Modern Swappers. I'm also behind on November blocks for Sew to Speak but I hope to get those tomorrow. Then I should be done and able to focus on making some Christmas gifts just in time for the big day.

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Anne at Film and Thread said...

I love your Angel block! What a great design and the colors are great, too. You've been busy!