Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Morning to me....

I woke up this morning to the peaceful sound of rain... only to realize that it was raining in my kitchen. I ran upstairs to knock on my neighbors door to see if they knew the cause of the water leaking into my place - no answer. I called my apartment management company who send someone right over. They inspected my place and went upstairs. It turns out my upstairs neighbor (who I've never met and hope never to meet) decided to stop the sink, leave the water on and take a nap. The maintenance man said when he got upstairs there was water flowing EVERYWHERE.... right down into my place. Idiot!!!



Debbie said...

Oh, that is a heck of a year end note. Geez. Some folks just don't think.

Things can only go up from here, Lisa. Have a wonderful New Year.

Lisa said...

thank you debbie! you too!