Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fabric: Stash


It was a great week to live in Chicago and be a crafter. On Friday I attended the International Quilt Festival. It was my first time going. I really enjoyed it. But I'm sad because after 8 years of being in Chicago they are moving venues and will be in Cincinnati next year. So I guess this was probably my last year in attendance. They had some beautiful quilts on display both new and antique! And they had tons of vendors for me to throw money at. Below are my fabric purchases:

The fabric on the left is going to be turned into some placemats for a friend. The green in the middle was just too cute to not give a good home. The newspaper fabric has dog articles on it and it will be used in one of my quilting bees and become a blanket for Peanut and Lucky. The black/white/gray/red fabrics are going into my stash I am starting to collect also for a quilting bee project. The black stripe fabric will probably go into the quilt I am planning for Jason. I can't find enough boy looking fabrics I like though.

These are two fat quarter bundles I got (both for $20 - great deal!) at the quilt show also. They are Amy Butler Daisy Chain. I'm not sure what the plan is for them yet... I just couldn't pass them up.

My next crafty event was yesterday. The Chicago Craft Mafia hosted a craft rummage sale of sorts. They accepted 32 sellers who were there to sell unwanted crafty items. I was hoping to find some washed up metalsmith who was letting their equipment go dirt cheap, so they could afford to buy booze... but alas not luck! If anyone know of someone like that I will trade booze for metalsmithing equipment. Back to the sale, to be honest there was a lot of crap there, A LOT, but I feel like I found the one gem...

You are looking at over 13 yards of Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric. It is out of print. And it is all mine! I bought it as one bundle... it was a good deal... a great deal... how much you ask? Well I'm not willing to give exact details. I prefer to keep my spending on items I don't really need private. But let's just say that it retailed for about $9/yd and I paid well, well under that price for all 13+ yards. There are a few full yard cuts, mostly fat quarters and a few large scraps. Who would let something this fantastic go? Granted I have zero plans for it at the moment, but I will come up with something.

If there is rehab for fabric purchasing you are going to have to drag me kicking and screaming. I'll probably steal the bed sheets and curtains in the facility just to get a fix.

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