Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

It has been a busy week... I was even to busy to post about the giveaway winner for the Fall 2011 copy of Stitch but I did select one the other day. Or I should say my boyfriend did. It was very official. I yelled to him on the couch to pick a number between 1-17 (there were only 17 entries)  and he said 15.... so winner #15 who is "zena800" congrats!

And thank you everyone for all the nice comments about my sewing space! After this week it looks like a tornado went off in there.

The cutting room floor...

Cutting Room Floor

Last Friday my brother and I were standing in the bar at work and he said to me if you can think of anything decoration wise to make it look more interesting in here for the beer event next Thursday let me know. Well the next day I came to work with a sample and and idea and we decided to go for it... well I decided to go for it. I had a lot of work to do in less then a week but it all got done.

The event was our annual Dogfish Head Invasion where we feature 16 drafts (there are 36 draft lines at the restaurant) from Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. A number of the drafts were rare or at least rare to the Chicagoland area. A portion of the line of people waiting to get in when we opened at 4pm:

Dogfish Head Event

Anyway enough with the beer geek information... lets get to the sewing geek information.

I decided that it would be fun to make banners that had the Dogfish Head logo and the names of the beers we'd be serving. There were 12 banners total, 7 of which were double sided, 16 beers and 3 with just fish. So Sunday morning I went to Jo-Ann's and got my fabric and spent all day at work cutting out fish and letters. Each banner is a half yard of fabric and I used a fusible web on the fish and letters. All the fish and letters were hand cut and ironed but not sewn. I don't quite know what possessed me to do this under such time constraints but it got done and they looked pretty awesome.

Dogfish Head Banners

Dogfish Head Banners

My favorite beer:
Dogfish Head Banners

So while all this feverish sewing, cutting and ironing was going on for work, I also had a project deadline for the Spring 2012 edition of Stitch. And unlike the other two projects I've submitted and gotten accepted I'd never made this one before. Honestly I just submitted a rough sketch at the last minute and wasn't sure it would even be accepted. Surprisingly it was. So there was more feverish sewing, cutting and quilting. I actually didn't even have time to snap a photo of it before I mailed it off but it involves chalk board oil cloth.

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