Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quilting: May's Quilting Bee Blocks


I think I should probably stop joining bees, I'm in four! I spent my day on Tuesday working on all my blocks for the month of May and they all shipped out the other day. Here they are below:

First up, The Stitchin' Bee and my blocks for Lisa in South Carolina. She sent solid fabrics and requested Modern blocks. I created two for her. Including an "L" block since it was from Lisa to Lisa.

Next, The Hive, blocks for Melody in California. It was my first time paper piecing blocks. These are string blocks and signature block are made from the tutorials at P.S. I Quilt blog. She sent lots of fabric strips in pinks and the only guideline was that the brown fabric be the center stripe in the blocks.

Then for Sew2Speak, I had one more paper piecing challenge. This spiderweb block was made for Wendy in the UK. She sent strips of fabric in the above colors, blue, green and indigo and instructions for them to be pieced in a specific place because she is making a rainbow quilt. Other people in the group received different colors and have been posting their blocks and the colors look amazing. It is going to be really pretty when she finishes. There was a lot of planning and organization that went into this one.

Finally for my newest group, A Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee, my Chicago block. This will travel to 20 different places around the world over the next 40 weeks, if it stays on track, with the journal I created last week. I am asking that everyone create a block that represents where they are from in any style and colors they choose. Mine has already started it's journey and is on its way to Sara in Missouri. I am also awaiting my first package from Vickie in Kansas, she said it should be mailed by the end of the week! She is having us design blocks using a fussy cut owl fabric. Can't wait to get started!

In addition to bees, I joined a fabric swap called, A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate. You are paired up with a partner and you swap fabric and chocolate. These are the requirements for each package: three fat quarters, chocolate, a little extra treat (notions, handmade items, gift item, etc.), a handwritten note and a photo. I just finished up my April swap and was paired up with Mari in Norway. The top photo is my package from her and the bottom photo is my package for her. The black item that is folded is an origami shirt.

I have been paired up with a partner in Kansas for the May swap. Should have that sent off to her in the next week or so.

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