Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

My New Year's resolutions are to be a better blogger & finish up my unfinished sewing/craft projects. Basically it would just be nice to be on top of things.

So I'll share with you some things I've done since I last blogged... way too long ago!

My holiday decorations...

A wreath for my door:
Christmas Wreath

A wreath pillow for the couch:
Wreath pillow

A 'jolly' pillow for the couch:
Jolly Pillow

A'peace' pillow for someone else's couch but not the couch pictured:
Peace Pillow

A sweater tree for the mantel:
Christmas Decorations

Some new stockings:

A new tree skirt:
New Tree Skirt

A chalkboard banner that can be changed for any season:
Chalkboard Banner

Here are some of the gifts I gave this year...

A quilt for my mom:
Mom's Quilt

A quilt for my brother's girlfriend Lindsey, she likes skulls:
Skull Quilt

Some custom Jeep seat covers for my dad:
Custom Jeep Seat

A ball for my niece:

So as you can see I've been busy sewing just not sharing. So here's to a new year filled with sewing and blogging and maybe finally getting that Etsy shop up and running.